About us

About us

We produce high-quality chocolate specialties from creative ideas.

About us
As an imaginative Swiss chocolate producer that also excels in realising its concepts, Chocolat Stella Bernrain draws on a wealth of creative ideas to produce high-quality chocolate specialities that fully meet the wishes of its customers. We are an independent, internationally-focused, family-owned company and produce products for the private label sector and the Bernrain and Stella brands. We supply industrial manufacturers and commercial customers with the finest couverture chocolate and semi-finished products.

A culture of innovation dating from 1928, knowledge of the world's markets allied with decades of experience in development and production enable us to identify market opportunities at an early stage and then also translate these gaps into products. Throughout this process we lay great store on sustainability, both in the procurement of raw materials and in production. In addition, we are totally committed to Switzerland as our production base. Genuine Swiss chocolate specialties are our passion.

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